Although I believe a Lone Shooter is POSSIBLE, there are many things that BOTHER me about the theory!

The physical evidence in the JFK Assassination naturally points to a Lone Gunman from the 6th floor window of the Texas School Book Depository. Of course, this is natural because this is the only direction of the FBI, and US Government focus. Evidence that pointed another direction was ignored, and in many instances, suppressed.

Now, I realize that human nature being what it is, that many people will make claims of seeing something, or knowing something after a large event, in order to make themselves an "expert" on something. Many claims, and descriptions of events, can be chalked off to people forgetting, getting confused with information they hear later, or simply trying to boister their own self-importance. But there are so many discrepancies in this case, it is difficult to write them ALL off to such human foibles.

Being a Dallas native, and a little bit of a Dallas historian, I have also been accused of doing a "Dallas whitewash", and trying to downplay Dallas' officials involvement in any conspiracy, or incompetence during that weekend. Although I do like Dallas, I have no interest in downplaying any Dallas involvement with either one. I was 8 years old during the Assassination, and have no vested interest in protecting anyone, including distant members of my own family, such as Dallas Morning News publisher, Ted Dealey. However, I take EVERYTHING about this case with a large amount of skepticism! I try to analyze and consider all possibilities, motives and considerations.

Although I am still "on the fence", I have many friends from both sides. These include those that think Oswald alone was the culprit, and there was no form of Conspiracy whatsoever; as well as those that believe in the Grand Conspiracy, which believes that the Government was behind it all. Most of us, however, fall into some shade of gray somewhere in between. Of course, both sides can explain all of the things on this page which BOTHER me about the event, but the sheer number of things listed is hard to ignore. Naturally, I treat many of the explanations with the same skepticism and analysis that I apply to the events and problems themselves.

Also....take with a grain of salt all of the information on this page. It has been gathered from memory of all the various books, lectures, and other sources I have covered over the years. Its accuracy is based on the accuracy of the information in many of these books, which are themselves biased on the direction the authors wanted to go. I am writing these many things from memory, as they are items that BOTHER me about the Assassination, and my memory is not the best source in the world. I am not annotating or footnoting the exact sources for these entries, but discussing what items BOTHER me personally. Treat the information on this web page, with the same SKEPTICISM that I myself apply to everything.

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You should note that the Conspiracy vs Lone Shooter discussion only relates to the Assassination of JFK. The Tippit and Oswald killings are discussed towards the end.

Physical Evidence: Included in the physical evidence is the rifle and shells in the 6th floor of the TSBD. These could be tied with Oswald, and included the fingerprints on the trigger guard of the rifle which the DPD said were "most likely" Oswald's. Also included is the right palm print on the carton, which were the freshest prints on that carton. There were, however, other prints on the carton, one of which has been attributed to Mac Wallace by some people. The palm prints found by the Dallas Police on the barrel, under the stock, was found on the first day, but not reported to the FBI until after the evidence was returned to Dallas, and the DPD heard that they had missed the print. However, the DPD officials said it was probably an older palm print, as it had no oils left.

Included in the physical evidence is the bullet found at the hospital. There is some question as to which stretcher this bullet fell from and, I believe, the inability of the person who found the bullet to later state that was the exact bullet found. The alleged path of that bullet is questionable, however these metal jacketed bullets were designed to go through multiple people and still be mainly intact.

Photographic evidence: I am BOTHERED by the Zapruder, other films, and photos that seem to show that Connally was hit later than the apparent strike of JFK. This was explained as a difference of reaction time, as Connally seems to react many frames (at 18.3 frames a second) than does Kennedy. This is particularly bothersome, since Kennedy had more pain killers in him, and should have been the slowest of the 2 to react. (Of course, he was quite accustomed to the pain killers.)

Kennedy reacts immediately after coming out from behind the Stemmons Freeway sign, while Connally drops a shoulder and grimaces in pain a few frames later. This could be attributable to a delayed reaction by Connally, if the shoulder drop was due to his reaction, and not the actual impact of the bullet.

The Connally's have both insisted that John was hit by the second bullet, and not the first. This could be explained by the first bullet being the one that missed, instead of the second. In this case, the first bullet would have had to be shot while the Limo was at least partially blocked by the Oak tree. Being the missed bullet, it would have had to be somehow deflected by the tree, and would have been the one to hit the curb by James Tague, and grazed his cheek. (I believe that Tague himself still cannot say at which time he was hit.) The location of Tague is quite off the mark from that of the Limo at this early location up Elm St. Tague was between Main and Commerce, right by the Triple Underpass. So a deflection would have had to occur. However, I cannot buy into the Gerald Posner speculation that a twig or branch in the tree shattered this metal jacketed bullet, while the single bullet through Kennedy and Connally remained intact. (However, I am no ballistics expert either.) Tague could have been hit by a fragment from the head shot that went in an arc above the windsheild of the limo; however, it is difficult to accept that the same fragment had enough momentum at this point to do both the curb and his cheek.

I am BOTHERED by the backward motion of the President's head in the Zapruder film. This is often explained as a neuro-muscular reflex action due to the brain being destroyed by the head shot. Many have postulated that the Motorcycle cops being sprayed with brains and blood indicates that the spray was backwards; however, if the spray were upwards at all, and they were moving forward, they still would have driven through it on its way back down, even at those slower speeds. Although I am BOTHERED that one of the cops said the impact was so great, that he originally thought he was hit by a shot. (This cannot be explained by the material coming back down by gravity, and him driving through it at 11 MPH.)

I am BOTHERED by the films showing the Limo slowing to almost a complete stop. The driver, Greer, did hit the brakes and slow the vehicle while he turned to look at President Kennedy. He then took off when Kellerman told him "lets get out of here". In all fairness to Greer, some have said that he was mainly a driver in his years with the Secret Service, for Truman, Eisenhower, and Kennedy, and was not as well trained as many of the other White House Detail. He may also have been concerned about the people that could be seen atop the Triple Underpass, so that he would not drive towards the "shooters".

I am BOTHERED by the slow response of almost ALL of the Secret Service. Of course, many of them were out late the night before, and some had supposedly been drinking. These actions were both against regulations, and would naturally lead to slower reactions. Of course, everything happed within 6-10 seconds, which is a difficult amount of time to react in. The crowds were also thinned out on Elm St., and the Agents may have been starting to relax after dealing with the heavy crowds up to that point.

Eyewitness Testimony: TSBD I am BOTHERED by the co-workers of Lee Harvey Oswald that saw him down on the first floor, and on the second floor lunchroom, minutes before the arrival of the Motorcade. These seem to indicate that Lee Harvey Oswald was not upstairs getting ready for the Motorcade, which was running 10 minutes late! He was either very nonchalant about shooting the President, or was actually in the lunch room the whole time. (Of course, the recollections of these people could be in error.)

I am BOTHERED by the initial testimony of Bonnie Ray Williams, who was on the fifth floor, directly beneath the sniper's nest during the shooting. He initially reported to police that day, that he heard 2 shots. He later changed his story to 3 shots. It would be difficult for someone that close, to not hear all 3 shots...although Bonnie Ray could have initially been mistaken.

I am BOTHERED by the initial reports of Junior Jarman, who was with Bonnie Ray Williams on the fifth floor. In his statement to police, he stops after staying he was in the front entryway to the building, and does not even mention he went back upstairs and was on the fifth floor.

I am BOTHERED by the testimony of the third man on the fifth floor, Harold Norman. After being on the fifth floor during the re-enactment done months later by the investigators for the Warren Commission, he testifies that he could hear the shells hitting the floor between each shot. The re-enactment did NOT have a rifle firing, but only the shooter stand-in cycling through the bolt action and ejecting the bullets onto the floor. I believe it is after this re-enactment that Harold adds this detail. It would seem that with a rifle shot echoing through your ears from the floor above you, hearing the casings hitting even a plywood floor would be difficult. Harold did always relate that he heard 3 shots. He said the shots were so loud inside, that pieces of concrete dust were knocked down onto his head, which would make it hard to hear the shells hitting the floor with that loud of an echo!

I am somewhat BOTHERED by Buell Wesley Frasier, and his sister, Linnie Mae Randall, being the only 2 people that saw LHO with a package that morning. This, in itself, is not really that bothersome as I can hardly tell you what my own co-workers were carrying when they came into work this morning. However, I am BOTHERED by both of them insisting that the package was at most "a couple of feet" long, when LHO's rifle will not break down to that short a size.

Eyewitness Testimony: Plaza I am BOTHERED by the many people that saw or heard firing from the Grassy Knoll. These include Jean Hill, Abraham Zapruder, SM Holland, Ed Hoffman, Gordon Arnold and many others throughout and surrounding the Plaza. Most of the people towards Houston thought the shots came from the TSBD, while most of the people further down into the Plaza, felt the shots came from the Grassy Knoll. Granted, Dealey Plaza has many echo causing features with the Triple Underpass, building, and concrete structures. But many of these witnesses included the Police and Secret Service Agents, who were well trained. Of course, this does not preclude shots from the sniper's nest, but if true, it does eliminate a LONEshooter.

I am BOTHERED by the number of sightings of Secret Service and other "Government Agents" in Dealey Plaza, before 1:00 PM, which is officially the first time any Agents returned to the Plaza. These include sightings by Gordon Arnold, before the shooting. It also includes Dallas Police Officers Smith and Hargraves encountering people who identified themselves as Secret Service.

I am BOTHERED by the Epileptic seizure, which occurred on Houston Street at about 12:15. Most bothersome about this incident is the number of "false calls" for an Ambulance to Dealey Plaza for a couple of weeks prior to the 22nd. An old Dealey family friends, Aubrey Rikes, has discussed the seizure, as well as the false alarms with me. He was the driver that picked up the seizure victim, and talked to him at Parkland, until the Motorcade arrived. At that time, the seizure victim simply left.

I am BOTHERED by the presence of "Umbrella Man" and the gentleman close to him, which appeared to be speaking into some form of radio. Also part of this concern is the vehicles cruising through the Grassy Knoll parking lots, spotted by Lee Bowers, and also apparently talking into some type of radio.

I am BOTHERED by the reports of men with rifles throughout the day. Many Dallas citizens saw various men with rifles at different locations, and reported them. Of course, in Dallas it was not that unusual to see people with rifles, as they were available at many stores and people did carry them to/from these various locations. Of most concern is the witnesses that saw people with rifles around Dealey Plaza. These include the pick-up truck seen down on Elm St., by Julia Ann Mercer, earlier that morning. There were also other sightings at various parts of Dallas that morning.

I am BOTHERED by the reports of the "Rambler Station Wagon" reported by Deputy Sheriff Roger Craig, and others. Two initial witnesses reported that 3 men came from the back of the TSBD, and got into this station wagon on Houston St. They left in such a hurry, that one of the doors was still swingin open. Roger Craig reported that this station wagon picked up a white male that ran down the hill on Elm St. and got in. Craig later identified this man as Oswald (so he at least looked similar).

I am BOTHERED by a number of witnesses that saw at least 2 men on the sixth floor. Some of these could have simply seen the 3 men on the fifth floor and were confused; however, there are a number of people who believe they saw a "darker complected" man in the sixth floor, as well as a man who looked similar to Oswald.

Motive and Planning:I am BOTHERED by the general lack of motive by Lee Harvey Oswald. It has been said that he wanted to be famous, or to make a political statement; however, he never attempted to do this to the Dallas Police, or the many members of the Press during his stay in Dallas police headquarters. He simply denied any involvement whatsoever. Additionally, if he really wanted to be famous, or make a statement, he could have simply stayed at the TSBD, instead of leaving.

That Oswald did leave the TSBD, indicates that he either was trying to escape (assuming he was involved) or simply did not know what had happened, as he said. If he was not aware that the President had been shot from his building, it would have been during his escape that he realized that he was being framed for the shooting.

I am BOTHERED by the apparent lack of planning that Oswald had, if he was the Lone Assassin. He shot the President from his own place of work, using his own rifle, and then left the building leaving the shells and rifle there. He had to KNOW that doing all of that would point directly to him! (Unlike the Walker shooting, where he allededly was firing from a public alley, away from his normal locations, and took the rifle with him and buried it for a few days.)

I am BOTHERED by the way Oswald seemed to aimlessly wander after the Assassination. He seemingly had no escape plan, and used a public bus, a taxi, and later walking to make his escape. Not only did he not seem to have an escape plan, but he did not even have his pistol with him when he left his rooming house the day before. If I was going to do something as dangerous as shoot the President of the United States, and then attempt to get away, I not only would have planned my escape better, but also have my pistol with me already, instead of swinging by and picking it up after the Assassination (like an after-thought). Again it indicates that Oswald was NOT a shooter, but soon realized that he was being set up to take the blame.

Oswald History: Marines to Russia, and back I am BOTHERED by Oswald even being tested for Russian language while in the Marines. If we are to believe that he studied the Russian language totally on his own, then why was he tested? Why was he allowed to have these Russian leaning traits while working as a Radar Operator at one of our main US Spy Plane bases, in the middle of the Cold War?

I am BOTHERED by the release of Oswald from the Marines, and the issuance of the type of Military ID, which is usually reserved for Dependents of active military, or Military stationed overseas. If he was going home on a discharge, he would have been issued a different type of Military ID, and not one that would continue to let him access the Military Commisary, etc. (At least according to some sources. Not being in the Military, I cannot personally vouch on the type of ID he had.)

I am BOTHERED by Oswald traveling to Russia when he did not appear to have enough funds to do so. Many have said that he stayed in some of the best Hotels in Finland, and Moscow, traveling very much first class. It is highly questionable how he acquired these funds, based on pay for a typical Marine. It is also very bothersome about the methods of transportation to these locations, as many have said that it was very difficult to use commercial transportation to Helsinki, and other areas. Oswald would have had to have done a good deal of research, as well as savings to know how to make this trip to Moscow.

I am BOTHERED by the people in the US Embassy in Moscow, and their opinions and statement that Oswald appeared to have been coached in how to renounce his citizenship. Some have speculated that he knew not to actually renounce his citizenship, but may have been going through the motions to convince any Russian Intelligence that may have had the Embassy bugged.

I am further BOTHERED by the number of ex-military who defected during this period of the Cold War. It often appears that it was a US Intelligence program to send many defectors to the Soviet Union.

I am BOTHERED by the ease in which Oswald returned to the US, and managed to get his wife out as well. I can see where the Soviets did not particularly want Oswald stranded in Minsk, and how bad it would look if they left him there against his will. I can also see where the Soviets may not have trusted Oswald, and may suspect him of being a US Intelligence plant. However, this was a Marine that had threatened to give radar secrets to the Soviets, and OUR government should have objected to this traitor returning to the US.

I am BOTHERED a lot by the CIA claiming that they had no information or interest in Oswald before his Mexico trip in the fall of 1963. This was a Marine who had served as a radar operator at one of the most secure air bases, where our most Top Secret spy planes flew out of. He had defected to Russia, had stated he wanted to renounce his citizenship, and had threatened to give radar secrets to the Soviets. He had spent almost 3 years in Russia, married a neice of a Russian Intelegence Colonel, and have lived fairly well by Soviet support. Yet, the CIA had no interest in him? In the middle of the Cold War? It is beyond belief to think they would not even debrief, or interview him. At that time the CIA would often interview tourists who had spent a little time in the Soviet Union.

I am BOTHERED I am bothered by all of the Oswald sightings in unusual places prior to November 22. Granted, some of these can be attributed to mistaken identity, or boasting (such as Dean Andrews, who later recanted all his being asked to represent Oswald). But the number of Oswald sigthings, at rifle ranges, car dealerships, gun shops, furniture stores and Slyvia Odio's apartment (possibly a made-up story) is troubling.

Oswald History: Early Dallas and New Orleans: I am BOTHEREDby Oswald getting a job upon his return to Dallas with Jagger-Chiles Stovall. Granted, he was in the production department where he worked on layouts and photographs for normal commercial advertising. But they also did the labeling on the US Spy Plane photographs. Oswald started there within a week or two of the discovery of the Missile installation in Cuba, which launched the Cuban Missile crisis. It may have been coincidence, and he was not directly involved with that level of secure photography work, but it was a smaller shop and he was in the area. A former Marine, who defected to the Soviet Union once, should not have been employed at any location which handled Intelligence photos. It could have been that Oswald simply lied on his application, but any company that handles this type of intelligence should check their employees better. At the least, the FBI or CIA should have kept track of Oswald better upon his return from the Soviet Union.

I am BOTHERED by the loss of the Authorization forms for all of Oswald's PO Boxes. Postal regulations require that the form which shows who is Authorized to receive mail at a US Post Office box be retained for a number of years. Yet both of Oswald's Authorization forms for his 2 PO Boxes in Dallas could not be provided to the Warren Commission. Neither could the receipt for who picked up the rifle and pistol in April of 63, and these are also required to be retained by the US Postal regulations.

I am BOTHERED by the relationship of Oswald with George De Mohrenschildt. Although many years older than Oswald, De Mohrenschildt befriended Oswald. He has been connected to the CIA by many people, and many feel that De Mohrenschildt was supposed to control and keep any eye on Oswald for the CIA. At best, De Mohrenschildt has many suspicious connections to Intelligence and even the Dallas Petroleum group (which many suspect).

I am BOTHERED by Oswald's ordering of the rifle, and pistol, through the mails. These weapons could easily have been purchased in many locations in Dallas, many of which would have no record at all. Instead, Oswald orders them through the mail, from companies which the FBI is already investigating.

I am BOTHERED by Oswald's time in New Orleans for the Riley Coffee Company. Although, this company is not in itself suspicious, it is located in the heart of the US Intelligence presence in New Orleans. In addition, the Crescent City Garage, where Oswald liked to spend a great deal of his time, was also used by the Secret Service and other Federal agencies in the area. The owner of this garage has supposedly stated that on more than one occasion, he had seen Oswald receiving something from some of these agents.

I am BOTHERED by Oswalds many connections with both pro-Castro and anti-Castro Cumbans while in New Orleans. This includes his adversarial (?) connections with Carlos Bringuier, and Dave Frerrie. The connections with Frerrie are tentative, but there is photographic evidence of Oswald being in the Civil Air Patrol while Frerrie was involved with that group. This was always denied by Frerrie himself.

I am BOTHERED by the various sighting of Oswald in the company of Dave Frerrie, and/or Guy Bannister. Much of this comes from the investigation of New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison for the trial of Clay Shaw. I will readily admit that I think much of Garrison's information was highly questionable at best, but the volume of it leads me to think that some of it was accurate, such as the Clinton sightings.

I am BOTHERED by the printing on Oswalds Fair Play for Cuba pamphlets of the 544 Camp St. address. This was the same building that housed the offices of Guy Bannister, which many say was one of the major players in the anti-Castro efforts of the US government in New Orleans. Posner, amoung others, has suggested that Oswald simply selected this address so that his chapter would be more impressive, by having actual offices. He contends that Oswald just selected this address at random, as he walked by it. However, Oswald used 3 different addresses on this pamphlets from time to time. Included with this supposedly pretend address, he also used his home address and real PO Box address. The use of these 2 real addresses would make sense for anyone trying to start a chapter and generate interest in the chapter, as they would give actual places for people to contact for additional information. It would NOT make sense to send them to a ficticious address for more information, as there would be nobody there to respond. It would make even less sense to send them to a building that is a hub for the ANTI-Castro sentiments, as Guy Bannister's office was. If someone is wanting additional information, why would you send them to people that share the OPPOSITE point of view? It will not disrupt these people to have people coming to them for information.

I am BOTHERED by the whole Trip to Mexico. One of the things that bothers me, is that the person who got a Passport after Oswald (time stamps were not part of the log) is reported by many to be an Intelligence operative. The trip itself is troublesome, as the CIA photo is not of Oswald, and some that have heard the tapes say that Oswald was not the individual making some of the phone calls between the Embassies. Why there would be an imposter using Oswald's name is suspicious and troubling.

Oswald History: Dallas in the Fall of 1963: I am BOTHERED by the relationship with the Paines somewhat, just because Michael was in a high security position. However, this is not too bothersome, in itself. It is also suspicious that the Texas School Book Depository was owned by D. H. Byrd, who was also a member of the Dallas Petroleum club, and owner of Temco, which would later be part (the "T" part) of LTV Corporation (Lingco-Temco-Voight). But unless the Dallas Petroleum club, and right-wing of Dallas, was behind the Assassination (as some believe), I am not too much bothered by these coincidences.

I am BOTHERED by Oswald again getting a PO Box in Dallas on November 1, 1963. He did pay for 2 month's rental of this PO Box in advance, and they monitored it until it expired after the Assassination. Again, the authorizations on this PO Box were "lost" by the US Postal Service, or suppressed as many suspect. Coincidentally (?), Jack Ruby also opened a PO Box on Nov 7, 1963, at the same post office. The date Oswald opened this PO Box, was also the date that FBI Agent James Hosty attempted to contact Oswald, after learning he had returned from New Orleans.

I am BOTHERED by Oswald's constant use of aliases, and modified addresses on official forms. Of course, this concern affects both a Lone Nut and any Conspiracy theories. He was at the rooming house, using the name "O. H. Lee".

I am BOTHERED about the general "physics" of the Assassination, as well as the Motive and lack of Escape Planning. This covers many aspects of the shooting, trajectories, movement downstairs, ability to do it, etc. (Many of these are covered elsewhere in this page.)

I am BOTHERED by the "calmness" that Oswald had when encountered in the 2nd floor lunch room by Officer Marion Baker. This is more attributable to someone who has NOT just blasted through the head of the President of the United States. It is especially troublesome in comparison to how Oswald reacted to being stopped by Tippit, and his lack of calmness when Officer McDonald reaches him in the Texas Theater! It as if he truly did not know about the Assassination when encountering Baker, but by the time of encountering Tippit, he had figured out that he was the assigned "Patsy". Of course, by the Texas Theater (if) he actually had shot Tippit, and acted accordingly. I find it hard to believe that being cornered after shooting Tippit was more emotionally frightening than seeing the President's head explode in the cross-hairs.

Actions of the FBI:I am BOTHERED by the destruction of evidence done by the FBI, in the form of the note left to Hosty by Oswald. This may have been done to downplay the FBI's prior knowledge of Oswald, but it simply raises a larger number of questions about what the note said, and any prior relationship between the FBI and Oswald. This is further compounded by the other bothersome points mentioned below.

I am BOTHERED by Oswald requesting to talk to an FBI Agent when he was arrested in New Orleans. No notes were found of this interview (or they were later destroyed), with Agent Quigley (?). It seems to imply some involvement between Oswald and the FBI. This is also after Oswald had ordered 2 weapons from companies under investigation by the FBI for mail-ordered weapons - in Dallas, the previous spring.

I am BOTHERED by the changes in the evidence gathered by the Dallas Police Department, once received by the FBI. These changes include the suppression of Hosty's entry in Oswalds address/phone book, when the FBI transcribed the phone book. It also includes the change of a Minox Camera (clearly visible in DPD photos of the evidence) to a Minox Light Meter in all descriptions by the FBI. Once the FBI started eliminating evidence, however innocuous that evidence supposedly was, their willingness to cover up and destroy evidence, makes their entire case suspect.

I am BOTHERED by the statements made to James Reveil by FBI AgentJames Hosty on the afternoon of the Assassination. He supposedly stated that the FBI was aware of Oswald, and that he was capable of shooting the President. Obviously, Riviell was quite angy that the DPD was not informed. This statement was said in the presence of at least one other Policeman, although later denied by Hosty.

I am BOTHERED by the chain-of-evidence problems that arose because the FBI were transferred all of the evidence from the Dallas Police Department. Many things were not investigated properly, and much evidence was "suppressed" by the FBI. There was also a great deal of discrepancies in the counts of shells, and other processing problems by transferring the evidence in this way. This includes the Palm Print, and other pertinent information.

Tippit Shooting: I tend to think that Oswald actually did the Tippit shooting, but there are only a couple of things which are troubling.

I am BOTHERED by the chain of evidence of the shells from the Tippit shooting. Officer Poe was one of the first officers on the scene, and he clearly states that he marked the shells; however, when shown the shells later by the Warren Commission, his marks are no longer present. There was also some discrepancies about the type of shells, which were a combination of manufacturer. The combination of the 4 shells differ on various reports, as well as the fragments recovered from Tippit's body.

I am BOTHERED by what Oswald was doing at 10th and Patton in the first place. If he was going to a movie, he was a few blocks east of any logical path from his rooming house to the Texas Theater. He had lived in Oak Cliff for many months at various times, and certainly knew his way around. A troublesome fact is that Jack Ruby's apartment was just a few block east of where the Tippit shooting occurred, which indicates that Oswald may have been going that direction (if he knew Ruby).(The Library is also east of 10th and Patton, and Oswald read a great deal.)

I am BOTHERED by the one (or two?) witnesses that said there was a second man involved in the Tippit shooting. One account has that he drove away, while another had that he ran in an opposite direction. I am also concerned that not enough witnesses were capable of, or asked, to pick Oswald out of a lineup.

Jack Ruby, I do tend to think that Jack Ruby could very well have suddenly decided to shoot Oswald at the spur of the moment. He did have a temper, and was very likely to do something very compulsive such as this. Another very minor point in his favor was the Western Union telegram, as well as leaving his favorite dog in the car that morning. Some say if he was planning on shooting Oswald, he would have made sure the dog was taken care of; however, of the many times in DPD headquarters that weekend, he may never have known when the opportunity would present itself. He could have simply gotten lucky that morning after doing the telegram, and the dog just happened to be with him this time.

Having talked to many people that knew Jack Ruby, plus everything I had read about him, I think he is the last individual in Dallas that I would have made part of a pre-assassination Conspiracy. He simply talked too much, and like to be "important", and a big shot in everyone's eyes. I therefore would not expect him to keep a secret. However, if you were part of the Mafia, and HAD TO "silence Oswald", Jack Ruby may be the best last minute choice you can think of. He did have access, had a gun, a violent temper, and with the proper threat to his family, might be controlled.

I am BOTHEREDby Ruby's access to the Dallas Police Department all weekend. Of course, the Dallas Police Department was swarmed by more press than they were ever prepared to deal with. I have often maintained that under those conditions, with lots of strangers in the building, ANY familiar face could be construed as "belonging there", or at the least as "I have checked him before". Once he had gained access, continued access is much less of a problem. But the Dallas Police were innundated with strangers from all over the country, and the world, and simply did not do the dilligence they should have.

I am BOTHERED by Seth Kantor's repeated insistance that he saw Ruby at Parkland Hospital, although Ruby later denied he was ever there. Seth knew Ruby, and would definately recognize him. Even if Ruby was there, it is doubtful that he would have "planted" the stretcher bullet, as according to Aubrey Rikes, the entire Emergency Room area was "locked down" by the Secret Service as long as Kennedy and Johnson were there. In fact, Aubrey offerred a cigarette to Jackie Kennedy by taping the pack, and was practically taken to the ground by Secret Service agents. (If looking for someone to plant a bullet shot from Oswald's rifle, I myself would point to the epileptic, that was in the area before the President.)

I am BOTHERED by the number of witnesses that say Oswald knew Ruby. No evidence has ever been produced, but there were a large number of people that said they saw them at various times together. A few even insist they were introduced to Oswald by Jack.

I am BOTHERED by the ties of Jack Ruby to the Mafia. This includes the increase in long distance phone calls in the period leading up to, and including that weekend. These include friends and associates that Ruby had not spoken to in years. Part of this concern is the panic reported by Police of Ruby after the shooting, and how that panic seemed to disappear the second he found out that Oswald had actually died.

I am BOTHERED by the number of people who tie Jack Ruby to gun running, and events in Cuba. There are many claims that he was involved with the Anti-Castro efforts of the Mafia, and consequently the Anti-Castro Cubans. Since, in my opinion, the Anti-Castro Cubans / CIA elements and Mafia are the most likely candidates for a Conspiracy to Assassination (NOT the cover-up, which may have been a separate conspiracy), this is especially troubling.

Lyndon Johnson and J Edgar Hoover and the Cover Up:I am BOTHERED by the report of Madeleine Duncan Brown, and others of Lyndon Johnson attending a party at one of the Murchinson's home the night before the Assassination. It was at this party, that Johnson came out after a closed door session and whispered to Madeleine, "After tomorrow, those $&% Kennedy brothers will never bother me again." According to Madeleine, when she asked him about who was behind the Assassination months later, he pointed to the Dallas Petroleum friends of hers. Other people at the party confirm his presence, but only Madeleine would know what he said to her. I knew Madeleine, and she was always a very nice lady to me, and always treated me with respect. I never discussed this story with her, but share mutual friends that insist she was telling the truth. I have no basis to state my personal belief in her story and memories, other than I believe our mutual friends believe her. If the story is true, it may indicate that LBJ was first told that night, that something was going to happen the next day. In this scenario, he may have been told that they would attempt to blame it on Castro or the Soviets, and that he should just move on and not be tricked into following through with any action against Cuba or Russia.

I am BOTHERED by the Cover-Up by Hoover and Johnson. I tend to believe that this is a separate cover-up from the Conspiracy itself, although I have many friends who believe if they were part of the cover-up, then they must be part of the Assassination Conspiracy. Of course, as I stated at the beginning of this page, I do think a Lone Nut (Oswald) is POSSIBLE, when I do consider it a Conspiracy, I usually separate it into 2 separate Conspiracies instead of the "Grand Conspiracy". The Assassination could have been the result of a Conspiracy which wanted to blame Castro on the deed; moreover, there were many in the government and elsewhere that did say that Oswald was pro-Castro and pro-Communists, and they suggested Castro was behind it. I usually believe that there was a second Conspiracy to cover-up the first, and point the blame on the Lone Nut, Lee Harvey Oswald. In this case, the second Conspiracy may have even fouled up the goals of the first, to place the blame on Castro or the Communists.

I am BOTHERED by the entire Autopsy fiasco. Since I believe there was a separate Cover-Up to make sure that Lee Harvey Oswald was blamed as the Lone Assassin, regardless of how the Assassination actually happened, the Autopsy was less of a fiasco as it appears. In this case the government needed to control the Autopsy, so that no evidence of a second shooter, nor any information that would contradict the Single Bullet. But if the Autopsy was to actually determine details of the Assassination, it was done in the worst possible way.

I am BOTHERED by the discrepancies between the doctors at Parkland Hospital, and those at the Autopsy. The Autopsy should have been done here in Dallas, as the law dictated, which would have gone a long way towards eliminating the disconnect between the Doctors. This brought much of the evidence into question.

I am BOTHERED by the sheer number of people who claim, or were otherwise documented, to having prior knowledge of the Assassination of JFK, or of the scheme. Of course, JFK was so despised by many groups, they may have had wishful thinking and this time it just happened to come true. I will not list the names, as I do not myself assert their claims; however, there are well over a dozen that have supposedly claimed fore-knowledge or involvement in the plot/deed. These include informants, anti-Castro Cubans, Mafia figures, and others. Naturally, each claim needs to be evaluated on its own merits, but the sheer number is troubling. These include audio tapes of some, from a FBI informant.

The entire case is BOTHERSOME in the extreme. Because of the sheer number of bothersome coincidences, I have difficulty in believing in the Warren Commission's version of the crime. I also have trouble with the House Select Committee on Assassinations' version of the crime, as I believe they rushed through it due to lack of funding, had a pre-disposed idea that they wanted to blame it on Organized Crime (Blakely had built a reputation on being anti-Mafia), and I am not sure the Acoustic data they analyzed is really a Motorcycle in Dealey Plaza at the time.

So I will continue to sit On the Fence and look skeptically at all of the information supporting or disclaiming either viewpoint.

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