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D in the Heart of Texas             

Jerry T. Dealey

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G. B. Promotes Other Early Dallas Growth

Early History of Texas
The Europeans and American Settlers
John Neely Bryan – And Other Early Founders
Some Wheeling-Dealing to Grow a City
George Bannerman Dealey
The Dallas Morning News is Born
The Great 1908 Flood
G. B. Promotes Other Early Dallas Growth
The "City of Hate"
Building the ‘Subway’, Triple Underpass, Dealey Plaza
The Other Buildings Around Dealey Plaza
The Elder G. B. Dealey
The Dallas "Citizens Council"
The ‘Right Wing’ Direction of Dallas - "City of Hate" Revisited
A ‘Turn-Around’ for the Dallas Morning News
The Pre-November ‘Hate’ Incidents
Dallas’ Law Enforcement
November 1963, Why Dallas?
Dealey Plaza Changes To-Date

It was also during this time that Dealey started promoting lots of other civic improvement projects. This promotion effort included a dinner of Dallas businessmen to convince them to agree to the starting of the Texas Children’s Hospital on a hill donated by Mr. P. R. Freeman. This hill would also later become the home for the Scottish Rite Hospital for Crippled Children, Hope Cottage, Bradford Memorial Hospital for Babies, Freeman Memorial Clinic and Parkland Hospital (where both JFK and Oswald would be rushed in November of 1963).

G. B. Dealey was also involved in a couple of city building deals, which would be considered by many as shady. The most prominent of these started with the Federal Reserve Bank Act, on Christmas Eve of 1913. It was rumored that Dallas was just one of the many sites being considered as a location of a regional Federal Reserve Bank. On February 14, 1914, Dealey got a tip from Otto Praeger, a former News correspondent who had recently been appointed Postmaster of Washington DC. He told Dealey that Postmaster General A. S. Burleson would be coming to Texas by train to inspect many potential cities for the bank. Dealey, and the elders of Dallas, sent representatives to Washington to travel back to Dallas on Burleson’s train and speak with him. Burleson, being a thrifty public servant, had booked a small sleeping berth; however, the Dallas citizens booked an entire suite. The scheduled 20-minute interview turned into an entire night where Burleson was a “guest” in the much more luxurious accommodations. Sure enough, when the preferred list was issued on March 31, 1914, Dallas was the city selected!

G. B. was a stickler for not playing ‘favorites’ with the newspaper’s reporting. My Grandfather, Donald T. Dealey, one of G. B.’s nephews, had a severe falling out with G. B. once over this point. A couple of my Grandfather’s first cousins had been arrested for Halloween shenanigans, and my Grandfather met with G. B. to ask that their names not be published. G. B. told him that the news should be reported equally, and would not withhold their names simply because they were “Dealeys”. (My Grandfather had little or nothing to do with G. B. from that date on.)

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03RIGHT.JPG - 1880 Bytes The "City of Hate"

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