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Mickey's Tragic Kingdom

Mickey's "Tragic Kingdom"

Welcome! Please wipe your feet....

or kick off your shoes....
try to get comfortable....
even drop your pants!!!
(check my office page, I probably already have!!!).
We are VERY informal here.

OK.....the first thing to be established is that I will not SLAP you with a bunch of Graphics, Frames or a huge Home Page. This will just be an entry area to allow you to go to other links. (I *HATE* huge initial pages.)

While we are on the subject of things that I hate, you will not see any "Under Construction" graphics on these pages!!! They are pointless, as every good Web page should constantly be "under construction". If you insist on seeing a few (and a well written analysis of what they say about the people who use them, go here.

Another thing I hate is FRAMES, so I won't use them.(Although I MAY have the occasional animation. And MAYBE an "Under Construction" note or two (so sue me already.)

Very brief information about me: My name is "Mickey" Dealey. I have collected Disney, and especially Mickey Mouse, collectibles for about 2 decades, so the nickname of "Mickey" has stuck. I live in the Dallas / Fort Worth area of Texas, and am DISTANTLY (kidnappers take family is not rich) related to the Dealeys who once owned The Dallas Morning News. If you have heard the name before, it is because on a day in November 1963, John Fitzgerald Kennedy was assassinated in "Dealey Plaza". This plaza was named after the founder of the Dallas Morning News, George Bannerman Dealey (which was my great grandfather's brother).

Now, having given you that very brief overview, it should be said that it contains a number of areas that I am interested in. Rather than give you a bunch of Graphics and "Soapbox Lectures" here on the Welcome page, you may look through the table below to go to any areas that you are interested in.

My pages of interest...

"D in the Heart of Texas" ...Dallas / Dealey Plaza history (Book excerpts).

About the above Book Status Info and pre-production copies.

JFK Opinion ...& Assassination Opinion POLL! (Plus comments)

Why I sit on the fence about the JFK Assassination...(plus Poll)

JFK why I was interested (Dealey Plaza) LINKS

About me ...Why? Are you stalking me?

Live (almost) pictures of my office....if I am on my computer.

View/Sign my guestbook ...PLEASE comment on the site / book.

You can reach me by e-mail at:
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